Dubious Claim About Childhood Reading Habits Has People Raising Eyebrows

One of the benefits of getting older is that you gain some perspective on life and many of the things that have happened to you in the past. This isn’t always an easy thing to do, but it’s an important part of becoming an adult. That being said, it can be possible to take the whole process a little too seriously. Not every childhood memory is an unexplored trauma, even if some parts of social media can try to make it feel that way.

This was a criticism faced by Twitter user @jeannakadlec, when shared that she had learned from a TikTok that children who take part in «excessive reading» can be dissociating. The idea attracted its fair share of skeptics, with many questioning the thought process, the probably incorrect use of psychological terminology and the validity of the unnamed source. While there may be an element of truth to the fact that some people use books as a form of escapism, perhaps we don’t need to overthink it.

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