Dublin Waitstaff Instigate Fight, Impress The Internet With Their Expert Moves

Throughout this year, many of us have become very familiar with outdoor dining. No matter how busy the road outside the restaurant, or what the weather conditions are, the only way to eat out Covid-free has been to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

In most cases, this has mostly meant that long-suffering waitstaff adding braving the elements to their long list of skills. If they happen to be working in Dublin, though, their abilities don’t end there. Over the weekend, a video of some servers working in the city went viral after they launched an attack on an unsuspecting gang of men.

Although the footage is alarming, the staff were reportedly acting to defend a customer who was being abused by those who were running away from them. In light of this, their demonstration of some amazing moves has had many paying respect to their fighting skills. It’s not hard to see why; your favorite action movie fight scene could never.

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