Dude Floats Ingenious Way of Cutting Down Time Spent in Work Meetings

If there’s one philosophy that unites office workers up and down the land, it’s that the mind-numbing meeting they’re currently in could’ve just been an email. While face to face conversation is an important and necessary part of most jobs, there’s no denying that when it comes in the form taking minutes, it can seem like an unnecessarily complex exercise. 

Many of us have wished that we could magic away some of these annoying slots on our Google calendar now and then, and it led @0xgaut to come up with a simple solution. He proposed that for every person invited to a meeting, their hourly rate should be listed alongside their name.

Plenty of people praised him for the idea, although some couldn’t help but tease that his time was worth the least money in the example that he posted. Sometimes it’s worth putting all those dollars into these pursuits, but in other instances it’s best to think twice.

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