Dude Lends Kid Cousin His Phone at Church, Leading to Hilarious Results

Both in real life and in meme form, many of us have been plagued by that annoying little kid who wants access to our devices. «You got games on your phone?» has become a meme catchphrase that haunts anybody who has been bugged by a bored child at a social function because there is nothing better for them to do.

While it is often a pain to experience, this doesn’t mean that the consequences are always irritating. Sometimes it can lead to some unexpectedly entertaining results, as @d1.ray4 recently found out. After he lent his phone to his young cousin while he was at church, the kid captured a very impassioned chain of events that it is hard not to find humorous. Viewers were pretty impressed with the photography skills on display, although they were less sure about whatever was going on in the pictures. At least somebody was having fun, I guess. 

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