Dude Slides Into Woman’s DMs To Flirt With Her Friend, Not Knowing Her «Friend» Is Hilary Duff

I’m with her, and by her, I mean Hilary Duff. She is one of the defining stars of our childhood, starring in the Lizzie McGuire series on Disney Channel, as well as the legendary Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003). A trip to Rome was never so iconic, and the accusations of outfit repeating were never so vicious as in that award-winning (Kid’s Choice Awards) cinematic masterpiece. 

Not everyone can recognize Hilary at a glance these days, but those who can are the true McGuire-heads. One fan, Mijal Tenenbaum, took a picture with Ms. Duff and put it on her Hinge profile. What a flex. Unfortunately and hilariously, one of her matches was utterly uninterested in dating her but was quite interested in her «friend,» Hilary Duff. Tenenbaum came to Twitter to inform McGuire of her potential new suitor. 

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