Dude Tries To Prove That Modest Women Attract Attention To Themselves, Fails Miserably

Every trad weirdo on the internet has a different idea of how women should be. Trad guys want to return to the traditions of some idyllic version of the past, but none can seem to agree on which historical time period they’re longing for. As far as I can tell, there are two camps of trad wife fashion: 1800s levels of modesty and 1950s housewives.

Podcaster and known sexist Elijah Schaffer posted a tweet this week claiming that even modest women get stared at in the streets and that society has lost its classiness. As evidence, he shares a video of a gorgeous woman wearing a strange cosplay of 1950s day wear. She’s wearing a giant tan hat and a tight-fitting navy dress that isn’t the most modest thing in the world. Many people, trad and non-trad alike, argued with Schaffer, claiming that so many non-modesty factors in this video caused the woman to get stares. 

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