Dude Uses 3D Printer to Try and Make New Year Glasses, Amusing Results Ensue

We didn’t know how good we had it on the eve of the millennium. The economy was still booming, we had hopes for a new century, and most importantly, the novelty glasses were easy to manufacture so we could see in the new year in style. Twenty three years later, things don’t seem to be so simple: those pesky numbers just don’t sit smoothly on the face the way they used to. Extended metaphor, much? 

Anyway, there are some brave people out there who are willing to take on the challenge of these important accessories. New Year’s Eve just isn’t the same without some version of them, or at least, that’s what people like @McJesse seem to think. Using his 3D printer to spitball some ideas, things didn’t seem to be going to plan. It entertained people on Twitter, though, and they even had some ideas of their own. Here’s hoping 2023 isn’t quite as chaotic as this thread. 

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