Elon Musk Attempts to Win Over Conservatives, Posts Transphobic Tweets

In a not-so-shocking development, Elon Musk has made his newest attempt at being liked by literally anyone. This time he’s gone full-on conservative pundit mode, desperately vying for the approval of the right.

The king of second-hand embarrassment himself tweeted a number of anti-trans tweets today. Perfect timing when you consider his imminent two-part interview with conservative outrage superstar Tucker Carlson.

This is just another step in Musk’s journey of being an unlikable failure. Earlier this week we saw NPR and BBC step away from Twitter due to the former being newly labeled as «state-affiliated media.» It appears more credible news sources may follow. Advertisers are leaving Twitter faster than Musk’s wives left him, Germany is fining the company millions for the rampant increase of illegal hate speech, and the Twitter Blue subscription program only serves as a scarlet letter for complete losers.

But don’t worry, between his political takes, Musk still manages to be the Michael Jordan of posting cringe. For example, his recent redesign of Twitter’s San Francisco office sign to say, «Titter» instead. Hilarious stuff. Even today, between controversial tweets, Musk managed to post a joke so immature that it would make any 6th grader blush.

As per usual, Twitter users aren’t too keen on Musk. Here are people’s thoughts and reactions to his whole schtick:

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