Funniest Chicken Wing Memes for Anybody Obsessed With Their Saucy Spicy Goodness

I don’t know, man… Don’t @ me. I saw Wingstop just released a new chicken sandwich and everyone is going bonkers for it, but then it really made me want some wings. Then I spent hours falling deeper and deeper down an Internet rabbit hole of chicken wing memes… Hopefully this reaches the right audience! Are you obsessed with chicken wings? Are you a regular at your local wing night? Oh god I’m salivating. How early is too early for wings? Like… Is there such thing as breakfast wings? I’m going to go with yes. Spicy, saucy, dry rub, salty, crispy—whatever! Give me all the chicken wings. You can never have too many chicken wings. And don’t even say you’re a «boneless» wing person. My dude in Christ, that is called a chicken nugget. I, of course, love chicken nuggets too, but don’t get it twisted—chicken wings are not boneless wings, and nuggets are different. Damn, now I want chicken wings AND nuggets… 

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