Funniest Chocolate Memes for People Needing Their Cocoa Fix

No snack in the entire world comes as close to universal adoration as chocolate does. It has such a spectrum of different forms that there is something there for almost everyone. True sweet tooths can enjoy pretty much any candy bar out there from white to milk; those with more sophisticated palates can feast on everything that’s 70% cocoa and above.

If you consume the right type and amount, there’s evidence that it can do everything from improving heart health, to decreasing stress. That being said, most of us who enjoy chocolate are more inclined to overindulge than restrain ourselves. The things that we have to enjoy in life are few and far between, so it’s understandable that something as pleasurable as this is an obsession for many. Making memes about it might not give us as a good dopamine hit as eating it, but it does add to the experience. 

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