Funniest Fake Spirit Halloween Costumes That Never Existed But Totally Should

With copyright issues more prevalent and rampant than ever, it seems that every year, Spirit Halloween, one of the biggest costume sellers in the country, attempts to make knock off and spin-off costumes that can toe the line between being recognizable and culturally relevant, but also arguably not a copyrighted Disney character. With not only copyright issues, but loads of cultural appropriation problems that are no longer socially acceptable, costumes seem to get more and more obscure every year. 


Recently, a new meme format has poked fun at Spirit Halloween, portraying all of the Halloween costumes that we wish existed in real life, while also dishing out serious burns to a few stereotypes that may or may not even be a costume-worthy subject. I’m feeling pretty attacked right now as a 90’s kid, but it looks like every typecast is eligible for appropriation and we are certainly here for it. 

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