Funniest Friends Memes For Those Who Can’t Get Over Their Crush On Jennifer Aniston

Sigh… they don’t make ‘em like they did back then. ‘Friends’ is an all-time favorite for a reason – its characters are spicy, edgy, and complicated. The storyline never really lost its vigor, unlike other TV shows that went on a bit too long just for money’s sake. And it has always given us some pretty great life lessons that we still stand by today. All in all, 10 seasons, and 236 wonderful episodes. We fell in love with the energy of the show, and it has never really dulled. Every time we turn on an episode, we still get that same magical feeling of home.


Monica was charmingly neurotic, Rachel was our favorite fashionista, we loved Joey the way that Joey loved food, we adored Chandler’s sarcasm and Ross’s high-pitched whining – and of course, Pheobe won our hearts over well before we even heard the song ‘Smelly Cat’. The celebrity cameos were on point (Winona Ryder, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams…) and the show was just crazy relatable. Friend memes always give us a good ol’ chuckle, and we thought we’d share the fun with you guys. Scroll down to check out 22 of the best Friends memes we’ve scoured the internet for!

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