Funniest Memes for Lactose Intolerant Folks Who Will Risk It All for a Slice of Cheese

People that are allergic to food products tend to stay away from them. Shellfish allergy people might literally pass away if they eat a shrimp. Peanut allergy people can’t even be in the same room as a PB&J without jeopardizing asphyxiation. Gluten intolerant folks will shy away from beers and pasta. But lactose intolerant people… Now they’re an entirely different breed. Sure, they’ll be violently ill and have tummy issues for a week if they eat dairy products, but they’ll be darned if they cut it out of their lives completely. Turns out, there’s no substitute to a good ol’ slice of pizza. Lactose intolerant people will put it all on the line, risking a stint of flaming IBS so that they can eat their beloved cheeses. Pack up the tums, stock up on toilet paper, get some digestives ready, although they may not tolerate it, dairy-free folks will never be truly ‘dairy free’. 

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