Funniest ‘Your Mom’ Joke Memes That Will Always Be Good and Reliable

Remember the days when you and your friends would just completely OBLITERATE each other with classic «your mom» jokes?! They would hit so hard, and yet, they were somehow still so innocent… Were any of us really talking about anybody’s mom when we cracked a «that’s not what your mom said last night»?? Did we even truly understand what we meant when we said we were with your mom last night?? Ahhh, simpler times. Now when you get roasted, people dig deep into your insecurities like being unhappy at your job or how you can’t seem to form a last romantic relationship… Except the one with your mom! See what I did there? It works as a comeback for anything. Vintage it all the sensation right now, and your mom jokes are definitely vintage. They’re good ‘ol reliable and will always be there when you need them… Just like your mom. 

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