Gamers Hilariously Misuse the «Avada Kedavra» Spell in the New ‘Harry Potter Legacy’ Video Game

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and decided to give the new Harry Potter Legacy game then you probably already know. One of the most popular new features to the game is that you are able to cast the de@th spell «avada kedavra!» So guess what? Gamers are casting it left and right. It doesn’t matter if you’re just walking down a hall trying to do something wholesome, gamers are casting it any chance they get! It doesn’t matter who wholesome the moment is. That being said, you can’t cast it as friendly fire on helpful NPCs. (Which some gamers are bummed about.) It makes you wonder, when did Harry Potter fans get so violent? Or is this a gamers thing? Or is this just a natural human curiosity to see what it’s like to use dark magic. Either way, with the craze, like the internet loves to do, it has been meme-ified! Check out our favorites below! 

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