Genius HR Karen Calls Coworker ‘Dumb Blonde’ in Front of Her Boss

I have never been discriminated against on the ground of being blonde. A blessed bottle of bleach touched my scalp for the first time when I was twenty, and I’ve been addicted ever since. Being blonde has gotten me nothing but compliments and a couple of wild assumptions that it’s natural, which is absurd considering the brown caterpillars that are my eyebrows. 

«Dumb blonde» is one of those playground insults. It can be exceedingly hurtful to kids who are called that, but kids usually grow out of saying it by the time they get to high school. Unfortunately, not everybody grows out of the elementary school mentality and brings juvenile bullying into the workplace. A naturally blonde woman took to Reddit to share her story of her coworker calling her a «dumb blonde» right in front of her boss. The kicker? The bully is the HR representative for their company! What a joke. 

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