‘Go Get My Purse’ Memes Celebrate the Generosity of Weary Sugar Mamas

Every day before I leave the office I pick a snack to bequeath to my boyfriend. This minor act of benevolence, usually in the form of Welch’s fruit snacks, is a consistent joy that he’s been able to count on. This generosity does extend towards other little treats (a slice of pizza, Sweet Chili Popcorners), but for the most part, we take care of ourselves. Other women are not so lucky, and lately that unwavering charitable nature is getting the dank meme treatment. 

It seems that there’s a pretty hefty sect of dudes who rely on women for, well, everything from their weed habit to their ice cream desserts. The newly trending ‘Sigh Go Get My Purse‘ meme captures this sort of relationship beautifully. The format features art from Instagram user @king_palmers and depicts a man hugging a woman from behind as she cooks. It’s a sweet image that’s being used to make fun of needy and dependent dudes – somewhat at the expense of their beleaguered benefactors. But we’re still here for it. 

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