Granny Takes First Tequila Shot Like a Champ, Proves You’re Never Too Old to Party

Taking shots often feels like a young person’s game. Try as I might to keep up at my local bar, the poison seems to hit stronger and agree with me less as the years go by. There’s no way in hell I’m taking a shot of tequila without a chaser. And I’ll probably still feel like shit after the lime hits. One thing that makes me feel a little less terrible is this TikTok of an old woman taking a birthday shot. Apparently user @anthonyandythomps had never seen his grandma take a shot, and conveniently documented her struggle to the delight of internet users on the app and on Twitter. 

In the clip, her grandson-turned-paparazzo claims the alcohol almost took her out, and after the video made the rounds on Twitter, it became clear that many people are inclined to agree – if only just for comedic value. While we don’t necessarily condone mocking a grandma, these hilarious reactions are definitely all in good fun. So you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying them. And neither do we. Right? 

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