Greedy Baker Tries To Force Customer To Pay For Cupcakes Her Own Dog Ruined

Small businesses are not an unequivocal good in society. Many small business owners underpay their employees, nickel and dime their customers, and, worst of all, provide a subpar product. We tend to look at small businesses as virtuous fighters in a world where every industry is getting more and more monopolized by the second. While I think that it’s good that there are silly little stores that only sell sauces or socks, their niche uniqueness does not make them inherently good for a community 

One small business owner thought she could ask her customer to pay for her mistakes. A 22-year-old expecting mother ordered cupcakes from Claire, a woman who runs a part-time cupcake business out of her house. The mom-to-be wanted cupcakes for her daughter’s gender reveal party. When she came to pick up said cupcakes, an incident occurred that should never happen between a customer and a business owner. 

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