Guy’s New ‘Netflix and Chill’ Variation Has Seemingly Cracked the Code to Online Dating

A guy is claiming to have cracked the dating code with his new opening line for when he gets matches on dating apps.

This thread was posted to Reddit’s r/Tinder subreddit by Redditor u/Throwawayanalyst96, who posted screenshots of their recent Tinder success.

The screenshots show his opening line, which deviates from the ‘mainstream’ phrase of ‘Netflix and Chill’ and instead offers his dates a chance to ‘Disney+ and Thrust.’ This has, evidently, been met with some solid success as he has managed to get a few match’s socials and phone numbers. 

Commenters of the thread responded with praise, and several commenters were impressed with the success u/Throwawayanalyst96 had been finding. Others were more skeptical and postulated that some of the accounts were either bots or catfish. 

It’s interesting how the modern streaming landscape has spawned so many variations of the euphemism. Way back in the early days of Tinder we had but the one option.

One commenter replied with a list of the many variations that have been spawned:

«this is kinda unrelated but Netflix and Chill doesn’t rhyme, but every single parody of it does

Disney+ and Thrust

HBO and Blow

Hulu and woohoo

IMAX and Climax

Amazon Prime and Sexy Time

Blockbuster and Cockthruster




Scroll on for the screenshots and reactions below

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