Hate Baby Yoda? There’s A Safe Space For Your On Reddit

Baby Yoda took the internet by storm in the Fall, and there are still scads of memes devoted to that tiny green alien. It would seem that The Mandalorian birthed meme immortality with this character. Most people seem pretty pleased to scroll past the critter on their timelines, but that’s not the case for everyone. Earlier today it came to our attention (Thanks, Know Your Meme) that there’s actually an entire subreddit dedicated to the hatred of Baby Yoda. The memes on the site are either violent attacks on the Yoda clone, or cringey reposts of horrifyingly basic Baby Yoda memes. While we don’t hate the cute character, we’re fascinated and extremely entertained by all this contempt. We’ve put together some mean-spirited examples of the hate, but we highly recommend visiting the subreddit for more surprisingly brutal content. 

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