Hilarious M3GAN Tweets For Fans of the Newest Horror Doll

In October of 2022, the trailer for the horror movie M3GAN went viral on Twitter. The movie is about a little girl whose aunt got her a robot doll to be her best friend after the devastating loss of her parents. M3GAN is the titular dancing doll with a robot whose threats and acts of violence seem much more funny than they are scary. M3GAN got memed to death upon the release of the first trailer, and for the past 3 months, the internet has been shaking with anticipation for the film’s release. Would it be funny? Would it be scary? Would it be good? 

The reviews are in, and against all odds, M3GAN is funny, scary, and good! The movie is jam-packed with moments that make it clear that the comedic vibes of the trailer were entirely intentional. M3GAN is sure to be a franchise that will inspire countless sequels, but for now, it’s inspiring countless tweets

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