Hilarious Posts From The Good Side of Reddit

Reddit has a mediocre reputation depending on who you ask. So many non-Redditors believe it’s an absolute cesspool of the worst people with the worst opinions imaginable. I myself believed that before I made my account. I had little to no faith that the website all of my friend’s boyfriends were obsessed with would be a fulfilling experience. Those who’ve never taken a dip into the waters of Reddit themselves need to know that it’s just like any social media. When you’re a Redditor, you need to curate your feed. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok: every one of these places can be either a pleasant walk in the park or hell on earth, depending on how you mend and tend to your feed. If you follow a bunch of insane people, you will have an entertaining feed, but your opinion of the human race will certainly plummet. 

If you don’t have the time or willpower to curate your Reddit feed not to make you want to set yourself on fire, I completely understand. Luckily, the following Reddit posts will give you a nice sampler of what that website has to offer. 

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