Hilarious ‘The Good Doctor’ Tweets For Dr. Han Apologists And Everyone Yelling, ‘I AM A SURGEON’

Network TV is a whole different world. If you don’t have cable, it’s easy to forget that Young Sheldon is one of the most popular TV shows airing today. People over 50 are watching a million different mediocre sitcoms, crime procedurals, and hospital shows, each more uncanny than the last. I have seen loads of clips from these programs show up on TikTok, and none of them are more uncanny than The Good Doctor

If you’ve never heard of The Good Doctor, fasten your seatbelts. The Good Doctor follows a young autistic savant as he makes his way through the trials and tribulations of surgical residency. From its description, it sounds like a normal show. There are several quality shows about autistic characters like Atypical, and Everything’s Gonna Be Okay. What sets The Good Doctor apart is the baffling performance from the lead actor, which went recently went viral for its absurdity. 

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