‘I tell him he is driving like a woman’: Father Wants to Stop Teaching His Son to Drive After He Criticizes His Misogyny

Teaching your kids how to drive is no easy task. I gave my parents my fair share of scares when I was driving around with a learner’s permit, or «temps,» as some regions call it. My mom could drive with me in the high school football stadium parking lot, but that was about it. Beyond that, it was my dad’s job to tell me when I was not in the lane, which was the problem 90% of the time when I was learning to drive. I was 15 years old and addicted to veering out of the lane. 

There are a lot of stereotypes about what kind of people are bad drivers, which is total hogwash. The stress of teaching a teenager to drive is no excuse for making racist or sexist comments about specific demographics of drivers. A teenage boy decided to stand up to his father after he made misogynistic comments about women drivers, and his dad was outraged. 

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