‘I’m Fine!’ Funniest Therapy Memes Of The Week For Those In Eternal Denial

Most people in this day and age have either considered going to therapy, or actually went. Kudos to them (or should I say us) because there is still a lot of folk living in eternal denial that they need help. If you are willing to work on yourself, that’s a big green flag, and most people would agree. In fact, there is something quite reassuring in the fact that some people seek professional help, as it is somewhat of a promise for a better day and age — it may help fix the next generation. 


Because therapy is not affordable for everyone, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the funniest memes, because what better way to deal with childhood trauma than with humor? You see something funny, you relate, and you heal. Makes total sense. To us, anyway. So without further ado, scroll down and check out this bucketload of funny memes we’ve compiled for ya.

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