Incel Roasted After Sharing Misogynistic Meme

Not much in this world annoys us as much as an angry «nice guy» who takes pleasure in victimizing themselves while painting a very ugly picture of women. Sure, hangnails and getting stuck behind a slow walker can be brutal. But they really can’t compare to the misdirected ire of a young man who feels scorned or misunderstood by society.  

This scorn presents itself very palpably on the internet. Dudes will harass women via dms if rejected, or make cruel statements from a dark place in their hearts that makes them feel justified. Sometimes they take their contempt to public forums where they spew sexist garbage to anyone who will listen. And then there are the «nice guys» who make memes with the same hateful messages. Fortunately, there are a lot of people on the internet who are happy to put these kinds of people in their place. Some great evidence of this sanity popped up on Twitter this weekend, when user @0wlGhost shared a meme that suggested that their interest in dinosaurs made them the laughingstock of their female classmates in high school. The meme reeks of projection and goes as far as to use the word «whore.» The post drew criticism very quickly. And Twitter users, as you can see from this gallery, had no problem calling out the meme for what it is: misogynistic stupidity from an insecure bully. 

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