Independent Contractor Shares the Joys of Saying ‘No’ to Uptight Managers

Usually, being an independent contractor – especially in an office – is considered a negative thing. You’re usually exempt from the only positive aspects of a salaried position. `099 employees rarely receive health benefits, 401ks, and overtime – those are luxuries. Hiring independent contractors is essentially a way for employers to avoid the expenses of a full time employee. The practice is getting called out, especially on sites like the r/antiwork subreddit. Despite this negative connotation, one clever Twitter user has shared a perk of working on contract. 


Being an independent contractor sucks for a lot of reasons, but it also affords you the unique ability to tell people to f*ck off in delightful ways.

— Gary Onion (Official) (@BirdRespecter) January 18, 2022


See, according to @BirdRespecter, being an independent contractor affords a person the unique ability to tell people to f*ck off in delightful ways. He goes on to share an exchange with an uptight employer who tried to enforce his presence at their morning stand up call. For those who aren’t aware, a stand up call is a short meeting that is generally held while standing – a meeting that is actually designed to be uncomfortable to keep it short. Basically, they’re annoying. And @BirdRespecter wasn’t keen on attending a short call that happens at 6am their time. 

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