IT Department Forced To Work July 4th, Team Leader Goes Wild With Revenge Company Holiday Party

Pretty often, the best part of having a job is the time that you can get away from it. Working is frequently boring, annoying, and takes up far too much of our time, so a perk like a national holiday is something that most people value as vital.

Unfortunately for some, the higher ups at the places they work for aren’t most people. This included a particularly pushy VP at the company where u/TheLightningCount1 works, who decided that the IT team that they headed would have to work on Independence Day. Despite consistent pushback, the senior executive insisted that all employees of the department had to come into the office instead of having a vacation day.

The one caveat that was allowed was a company party for the workers who were forced to give up their free time, and cancel their plans. As team manager, was given a free pass on the company credit card by another executive — and it’s fair to say those employees were given the best time that they could possibly have. 




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