‘It is not possible to do what you actually wanted in three hours’: Choosing beggar tries to trash auto shop online, owner reacts

Pretty sure the owner’s response was not exactly what this student was expecting. He posted a review of an auto shop and claimed that the owner not only overcharged him but also that he took total advantage of his situation since he was stranded and desperate. Thankfully, the owner was not having it and posted a response that provided a lot more clarity about the situation. Their exchange was posted to this thread on Reddit’s r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit by u/UpwardWhsich


There are many takeaways from this story, but the big one is how people will go to great lengths to share their wildly biased version of a story for sympathy points on the Internet or to get petty revenge on something as harmless as a small business. Clearly, this is something that the owner was all too familiar with, as he came armed with facts in his comeback message. Who knew that the facts would speak for themselves? Obviously, this entitled student believed that his unfortunate situation would get him enough brownie points to sway his invisible audience. However, the reality of the matter is that if the facts do not align with your experience, it’s not worth posting anything online because, as all folks on the internet know, when the truth comes out, no one is spared. While we empathize with the college student’s financial situation, hopefully, he learns to handle this better in the future. 


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