Kevin Hart’s Tiff With Don Cheadle Reveals How Gullible the Internet Is

ApparentlyKevin Harthas a new interview series on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. It premiered just over a week ago, on August 5th. But we hadn’t heard a peep about it until today. But thanks to a viral clip from Hart’s interview with Don Cheadle, mentions of the show are pretty much unavoidable on Twitter. So here we are. 

The video is short, taken from a moment in which Don Cheadle is getting deep about life, his aspirations of being a jazz musician, and eventually his age. When Cheadle revealed that he’s 56, Kevin Hart’s eyes widened and he let out an impassioned «DAMN!» Cheadle responds with a blank stare and Hart seemingly realizes his error. Cheadle waves off several apologies, but Hart continues to appeal for the actor’s forgiveness, explaining that he «didn’t mean it that way.» Cheadle remains cold and the tension is palpable. They go back and forth about whether or not Hart «meant it,» and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution. 

While there’s no denying that the clip is entertaining, it’s a bit alarming that despite Don Cheadle being an accomplished actor, with quite a bit of comedy under his belt, most of the internet seems to think this was a genuine exchange. Yes, they believe it despite Don saying on his very own Twitter – to several impressionable people – that it was a moment of improvisational comedy. While there are a few people who are championing Don Cheadle’s straight face, the gullibility is everywhere. And we’re ashamed to see it. 

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