Lifestyle TikToker Gets Mocked for Bizarre Refrigerator Makeover

Social media is a menace for telling us about the kind of life it thinks we should be living. If we just bought this trending brand, or filmed ourselves looking hot while making our coffee every morning, we would feel so much better within ourselves.

Of course, deep down many of us realize that this isn’t true. Still, sometimes it takes a particularly ridiculous example of failed influencing to make us reckon with ourselves and our obsession with aesthetics. 

Recently, this has come in the form of a TikToker who shared with the world that she had given the inside of her refrigerator a makeover, with baffling results. Including flourishes such as dry pasta and an orchid plant, viewers were mighty confused with the setup. On top of everything, it didn’t look like there was anything there that you could make a meal with. I’d take the lady with too many types of ice over this any day. 


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