Literary Memes for Insatiable Bookworms

One personal failing that I’m pretty ashamed about is that I don’t read enough books anymore. When I was a kid, I couldn’t go to sleep without poring over a few pages of whatever novel I was enjoying that week, and now I’m lucky if I finish a chapter of something over the course of a month. 

This isn’t just a worrying indictment of my obliterated attention span. It’s also a damn shame, because reading is one of the most enjoyable pastimes out there. The bookworms of the world are very lucky people — all they need is a library membership, and they have access to millions of fictional alternate universes to get lost in.

Another great thing about being an avid reader is that it exposes you to a load of different humor. With so many literary classics out there, we have plenty of material to riff on in memes. While the internet might be one of the number one reasons that people get distracted from books, at least memes about them can make us all feel smart.

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