Long Dog Breaks The Internet With Her Exceeding Longness

The world of dog breeds is one of the most varied among all pets. The differences between a Dachshund and a Great Dane testify to the power of genetics. Even though this variation is pretty normalized, it can still come as a shock to see it at extremes, as with one dog who has recently been in the spotlight for her unconventional appearance.

Eris is a Borzoi whose TikTok account, @eriszoi, is dedicated to her exploits. Her extremely elongated size has baffled the internet, and people can’t stop watching her videos. One in particular has captured everybody’s attention. Replying to someone asking about her height when standing, her owner estimated she was around the 5’7″ mark  —  i.e., taller than quite a lot of humans. Many viewers were astounded at her size, with a lot of them suggesting that she was something other than a domesticated animal. Nevertheless, the fact that she looks like she walked through a funhouse mirror hasn’t stopped her explosion in popularity. Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for the canines everywhere.

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