Lorde Crushes ‘Hot Ones’, Puts The Fear Of God Into The Rest Of Us

It’s always a novelty to find out a celebrity has a hidden talent, and the more unexpected the better. You don’t become a worldwide pop star in your teens without being in a different league to the rest of us, but a recent video has proved that Lorde is more than just her music; she also has a superhuman tolerance for heat. 

Long running series Hot Ones has defeated many celebrities over the years, as host Sean Evans interviews them while they eat a series of increasingly spicy chicken wings. However, the hot sauce seemed to have met its match when it came to the New Zealand singer. Repeatedly declaring the hottest wing to be «delicious», Twitter users were in awe of an affinity for spice that rivals even Elizabeth Olsen. While her love for chilli might come as a surprise, her love for food is definitely not. Could we expect any less from a woman who runs an Instagram account reviewing onion rings?

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