Meaningless Memes For Meandering Minds

When you think about the Internet, what pops into your mind? The sound of a new email in your inbox? Falling into a deep, dark Wikipeda hole? Or do you start seeing memes dancing around your head? We happen to fall into the latter camp, which is probably no surprise given that this is a website called «Memebase.» Memes have become such an integral part of Internet culture that the two are practically tethered to each other in my mind. 

While it’s a joy to laugh about memes and share them with friends, there are some people who actually abhor memes. They find them meaningless, cheap forms of entertainment. We’re inclined to say that they are completely wrong. Memes bring people together. They brighten moods. They’re a creative outlet for the smart and funny people who create them. Hell, they’re practically an art form. Sure, memes might have a tendency to feel meaningless, but who said everything has to have some deep meaning? Certainly wasn’t us. But sometimes we need meaningless, mundane things to help us out, whether it’s in the mood department or the distraction department. Consider this selection of ‘em to be an argument for memes, meaningless or not. 


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