Memes For The End Times

Spoiler alert: it’s not right now. For the past couple of years, we’ve felt like the end of the world as we know it was always right around the corner. Things kept getting worse, and not to sound too optimistic, but things have generally been improving since 2020. I really don’t think we can or will have a worse year than that anytime soon. Even though the end times aren’t right now, I have to wonder when it will be. And, more importantly, will we have memes? 

During the little moment we had in 2020, all we could do was meme through it. It was one of the best coping mechanisms and brought the world together during a time when everyone had to be physically separated. I’m sure we will still be meme-ing through the actual end of the world because how could we not? There are so few universal languages out there, and I’m glad memes are the ones that will survive through it all. 

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