Memes That Might Change The Trajectory of Your Life, But Probably Won’t

Time travel media often portrays every choice you make as intrinsically connected to how your future life will go down. Every day, you make a million little choices, and if you don’t make one in a particular way, your future self is irrevocably changed. I feel like this is true for very few minor choices you could make, like the first time you hang out with your future best friend or the time you decide not to jaywalk and save yourself from becoming the victim of vehicular manslaughter. I doubt that my choice to have jalapeño cream cheese on my everything bagel will make my life any different than if I chose regular cream cheese. But know knows? If I choke to death on little chunks of jalapeño at approximately 9:20 a.m. one of these days, I’m sure God and the now-dead creators of this time travel media will tell me, «I told you so.» 

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