Millennial Daughter Hilariously Sends Boomer Mom Into an Existential Crisis After Sneaking Random Photo of Woman She Found at Goodwill Into Their Family Picture Collection

The long tradition of kids messing with their aging parents is alive and strong. It doesn’t matter how old your children get, they will be pranking you for the rest of your life. It only gets easier the older you get! But don’t worry, they’ll be getting pranked by their kids one day and so on and so. It’s actually a beautiful family tradition. 

Recently, a grown millennial daughter was doing a little light shopping at Goodwill when she came across a framed photo for sale that gave her the BEST idea. The photo was just some old picture of a woman from sometime like the ’70s or something. She bought the framed photo for $2 and when she got home she snuck it into the the collection of framed family photos her Boomer mom created on a mantel. 

25 days later her mom walks into her room holding the photo of the random woman with confusion in her eyes. She asked her daughter if she knew who this person was because she had no idea. The daughter kept her cool and said she had no idea and that she just thought it was a family photo that was always there. The mom assured her «no way!» this woman was definitely a stranger and now there is a mystery afoot! The mom was thrown down an existential crisis trying to figure out who this woman was and the millennial daughter kept her cool the entire time, holding back laughter. 

Check out the entire hilarious family prank below!

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