Millennial Memes For People Who are Starting to Feel a Bit Like Boomers

Hi. I need to admit something. I’m… I’m a millennial. My browser history may not betray this fact, but the truth is that I am living in a van down by the river. I live in poverty because I spent so much of my hard-earned salary on avocado toast and expensive cold brew. Just kidding. I don’t live in a van down by the river, but I do live in a really shitty apartment in the most expensive city in the world. Despite my resistance to avocado toast, my salary doesn’t really do enough for me to have any real savings or to have solid plans for a bright future. Though I suffer all the negatives of being a millennial, the worst thing is that as the years have gone by, the mockery towards my generation has gotten to Boomer-levels of contempt. Why do I feel like the butt of a joke when we don’t even have the comfort of Boomer-hood? Just more proof that life is unfair. These memes go out to any of my fellow millennials are struggling with millennial problems. Sometimes the best thing we can do to get over the pain is to laugh about it.

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