Mischievous Friend Group Gets Drunk, Accidentally Makes City’s Crow Population Hate Cops

Anyone who enjoys a drink or two has collected their fair share of battle stories that have come about from partying. Most of the time, these follow the predictable route. We’re talking bar fights, stealing things off the street, or going home with someone that you really shouldn’t. Other times, though, these tales can take the most unexpected of turns.

Case in point is a story recently posted to r/tifu, involving a group of drunken jerks in fancy dress and a small proportion of their city’s bird population. While it may sound like the setup to a super dumb joke, the reality is even stranger than any punchline. Apparently, the aptly named u/crowshateme and their friends managed to insult a group of crows during a night of debauchery in which they dressed in police costumes. The result was that the cops in the area now frequently get harassed by the birds.

Understandably, Redditors were amused by the absurd account, although no doubt it put the fear into any police officers reading. Moral of the story: if someone pisses you off, dress up as them and go bully some crows.


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