Misguided Notions From the Minds of Dumb Children

It’s no secret that kids can be, well, insanely dumb. But a lot of the time, it’s not their fault. We live in a bit of a backwards word where idioms can never be taken at face value, and language makes little to no sense. The lack of logic can be difficult for young brains. Hell, it can be difficult for anyone who is forced to learn the English language. But it’s way more funny when children are the butt of the joke. 

Twitter user @sumerianbby managed to serve up many such tales in a very inspiring and very funny Twitter thread. After sharing an anecdote about thinking their father would die on the expiration date of his ID, other people felt compelled to share their own stupid moments from their childhoods. From parents convincing their kids that Swiss cheese is made by hiccuping cows, to thinking rehydrating in the car is drinking and driving, this thread is jam-packed with hilarity. And we’ve picked out all the best of these moments just for you. 

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