More Harry Potter Memes For Star Quidditch Players

One of my favorite parts of the Harry Potter books were the Quidditch matches. There’s something so relatable and simple about the fact that on that Quidditch pitch, Harry was just a normal kid. Sure, he was a jock and a sports prodigy, being the first first year to join the Quidditch team, but it was uniquely special watching him thrive in something. Harry wasn’t a star student like Hermione and didn’t have a great wizard family life like Ron. Quidditch is one of those things that he could succeed in on his own, without his family legacy and past weighing down on him too heavily or without the help of his best friends. There’s always dementors and evil Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers and weather that can get in the way of athletic victory, but the fun and the thrill of the game will never waver. If you’re a chaser, seeker, beater, or keeper, you’ll love these Harry Potter memes. 

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