New White Claw Drink Triggers Hilarious Four Loko Nostalgia

White Claw is getting a boozy makeover with its newest hard seltzer ‘Surge’ and the news has many reminiscing about the original Four Loko, notorious for its chaotic recipe consisting of taurine, guarana, caffeine and at one point, wormwood. The caffeinated iteration of the fabled ‘premium malt beverage’ was discontinued in 2010 after a series of Four Loko related deaths and accidents, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from expressing tongue-in-cheek nostalgia for those Loko nights of yore. Many are drawing comparisons between the infamous malt beverage and White Claw, which has even roused some hot takes from the Four Loko Twitter account. Whether you’ve got a taste for the sauce or you’re a curious tea totaler, the fact that beverage news has triggered such an impassioned response is pretty amusing in itself. 

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