NFL’s Buffalo Bills has the Most Extra Social Media Team Making Them Viral and the Internet Is Absolutely Obsessed

I’m not going to sit here and type away like I know anything about football. I know the basics: You get the ‘Hey, Arnold!’  head-shaped ball through the two-prong fork thing and then you do a little dance. Did I have to Google who the Buffalo Bills play for and then felt hella dumb when it said Buffalo, NY?… Maybe. But you know what I am quite knowledgeable in? Funny internet things, and I would pick the Buffalo Bills to be on my Fantasy Internet Football team every time! (Did I also just have to Google «what’s the internet football thing everyone plays?» to find out it’s called Fantasy Football?… Also, maybe.) 


Whoever is managing the Buffalo Bills TikTok account is a god damn legend. He not only hits on all the trends for the team to participate in, he also shows a side of the players that is relatable and simply hilarious. It’s easy to make up a narrative for these players in your head and quickly stereotype them as simple jocks. But the Buffalo Bills TikTok shuts that down fast and shows you the real people inside of those helmets. The videos, that go viral every time, truly just makes the team look like a group of friends just having a good time. Even other professional football TikTok accounts will comment on their videos loving the content. The official NFL TikTok account will also leave comments of approval—like for the video of one of the players messing around with a guitar and making up some silly country song, the NFL account commented saying they need to get him on the half-time show for the Super Bowl. 

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