Nostalgic High School Memes That Bring Us Right Back to Those Confusing and Sweaty Days

It really is fun to think back to those confusing high school days. Yes, it was definitely not all sunshine and daisies, most days were filled with lots of anxiety and insecurity. But then again, now that we’re talking about this, we wonder if that’s actually the universal high school experience. Was everybody super insecure, or do we just tell her self that to make ourselves feel better? Maybe it’s better not to know, it could be a little uncomfortable to think that we were the only ones that were sweating through our shirts in 3rd period.


Either way, if you have conflictual feelings while looking back on your high school days, we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of these memes. After all, school was such a large chunk of our lives, it’s difficult do let go and never look back. The best way to do so, in our opinion, is through memes.

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