Nostalgic Vintage Memes That Bring Back The 2000s

Do you remember your first experience with memes? I fondly remember surfing through image macro websites as a kid, finding the best Bad Luck Brian and Unhelpful High School Teacher memes the internet had to offer. These days, memes move quickly. It’s common for a meme to have one day of glory before it falls back into obscurity, unlikely to be circulated again. However, the memes of yore lasted. It was common for singular meme formats to spread for years without dipping in relevancy. 

It’s interesting that memes seem to be like fashion or music, with nostalgia for the memes of the past starting to surface. In terms of memes, things seemed to be much simpler between 2003-2013. Memes from this era almost seem timeless, depicting the most relatable human situations that literally everyone has been in. They aren’t perfect, but they’re definitely worth revisiting, especially since they’re getting rarer as time goes on. 

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