Old School Memes From a Bygone Era

We are not on the same internet that we were on in 2012. In just ten short years, the world of memes has exploded to become so much bigger than we ever thought it could be. New memes and trends are created daily, and unless you’re a certified meme professional, it’s challenging to keep up. Who else remembers when only a couple of memes absolutely dominated the meme landscape? Back when I was a tween, rage comics were everywhere. There was a rage comic for every emotional expression under the sun. Around 2014 and 2015, something shifted. Rage comics were out, and Twitter churned out a new meme every month, the most remembered of those being the white and gold dress vs. the black and blue dress. Who knew that we were just getting started? Now, it seems like a hot new meme drops every day just for it to be forgotten almost immediately. If you wish we could go back to simpler times, these vintage memes will be a wonderful trip down memory lane. 

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