Oregon’s Decriminalization Of Drugs Brings The Spicy Memes

Congratulations on surviving the first two days of election madness. It’s been a whirlwind of pain and anxious map refreshing, and while we won’t know who our next president might be until 2021, there have been some very interesting developments in Oregon. The news broke yesterday that the state voted to become the first to decriminalize the possession of all drugs. It’s a move that’s causing recreational drug users to celebrate, and conservative folks to clutch their pearls. 

While the hubbub isn’t exactly warranted (the move is intended to make it easier to focus on drug recovery rather than prosecution), it has led to a whole lot of excellent memes on Twitter and Reddit. Whatever your stance on drugs, we’re hoping the memes can help distract from the constant chatter about Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Lord knows the whole world needs a Xanax right now. 

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