Overly Unique Baby Name Prompts Ridicule From Twitter

Bringing a child into the world involves no end of stressful decisions. If you’re the one who’s giving birth, what’s your plan for doing it? How are you going to raise them once they’re actually here? Finally and most importantly, what are you going to name them?

Our names are one of the first ways by which we get judged when we are met by new people. As such, it’s a huge responsibility as a parent to give your kid one that at the very least minimizes their chances of getting bullied.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a logic that everybody seems to follow. For some reason, there are moms and dads out there who are hellbent on giving their offspring the most ‘interesting’ names they can come up with, and the results can be the opposite of pretty. Case in point is one anonymous example that has gone viral on Twitter for its unholy mishmash of several different sort-of words that are as confusing as they are strange. Desiring a name with some individuality is all well and good, but examples like this make it seem like there should be limits.


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